5 Steps to a Unique Marriage Proposal

“Will you marry me?”

Who would have thought that these 4 short words could cause so much stress. There is no
doubt that putting together a unique engagement proposal can be quite overwhelming. You
know your spouse-to-be like no other. You want to ask him/her to spend the rest of your lives
together. A memorable day in both your lives in which you want every detail to be perfect.
But what setting would make him/her overjoyed? How should you ask this big question?
Should ​the proposal be with friends and family or private?
Somewhere in a serene national park or a cosmopolitan city center?

No stress, you can wipe the drops of sweat from your forehead as we have your back. Just
follow these 5 steps to a unique engagement proposal and you’ll give your fiance-to-be a once
in a lifetime moment.

Photo credits: Paris engagement photographer

#1          Put a ring on your unique engagement proposal
Most future husbands and wives choose a ring to symbolise the engagement. After all, a ring
has no beginning and no end, it’s timeless and an endearing representation of your love to wear

for the rest of your life.

How you can find a unique engagement ring:
●Tell the jeweller about your partner. What’s his/her characteristics, what suits him/her,
what are his/her values in life. A good jeweller can find you the perfect ring that
resembles your fiance or even create a custom-made ring.
●Observe your partner’s jewellery. What materials does your partner like to wear. Is it
mainly gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, gemstones.
●See if you can secretly ‘borrow’ one of your partner's rings to get the right size.
●Bring your fiances closest friend or relative. Friends or family can be of great help to
determine your fiances taste and help pick the ring of his/her dreams.

#2          Choose the most meaningful location for a unique engagement proposal
Every person is unique and so is every fiance to be. Some people prefer a very private setting for
a marriage proposal, others would like to share the moment with close family and relatives.
Think back of all the great memories you’ve created together. What moments made your
significant other's heart skip a beat?
●Where was your first date?
●Where did you meet?
●Where was your most memorable holiday?
●Where would your partner still like to go?
●What location has a special meaning for both of you?

Try to answer all the above questions. It will help you find the most meaningful location for a
unique engagement proposal.

Photo credits: Paris engagement photographer

#3          The time is right: pick a date and time
So you’ve found the perfect engagement ring. You’ve selected a memorable location.
Now it is time to pick the right date and time for your engagement proposal. If you chose an outdoor
​location, keep in mind that seasonal changes and times of daylight can have a big influence on
your schedule.

Tip: Some people choose a date that is very significant for both of you: the first date, the date
you met etc.

And a final tip: In case you choose to propose to your partner during a holiday or weekend
away, please don’t plan your proposal on the first day of the trip. Allow you and your partner to
rest after a (long) journey. Besides, delayed flights or lost luggage can sometimes let your well-
prepared proposal go up in smoke. Planning your proposal a little later in your holidays gives
you time to organise and prepare all the last minute details of your engagement proposal.

Photo credits: Paris engagement photographer

#4          Don’t go speechless
A unique engagement proposal is so much more than just the four words, “Will you marry me?”
Now is the time to tell your partner what made you fall deeply in love with her/him.
What does your partner mean to you? Why do they make your heart skip a beat?
Keep your proposal short, but don’t miss out on the essentials. Try to work with a maximum of 50-60 words.
Write your proposal down and practise a few times to get more confident.

Do you find it hard to track down the right words? Our professional writer can help you put

Photo credits: Paris engagement photographer

#5          Capture the moment
An engagement is a moment you would like to share forever. Unfortunately most engagements

only get captured after the big “Would you marry me?”.

Consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer to document the moment so you
have it for the rest of your life. It will enable you both to be completely in the moment and

enjoy every single second of it.

Another great plus of hiring a professional photographer or videographer is that you can use theimages for the “save the date” invitations.

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