5 Reasons why you should hire a Professional Wedding Planner

You’re getting married! How amazing is that? But also how overwhelming?
Where do you start? Who should you invite? What would be the best wedding venue?
Organising the perfect wedding can be extremely stressful.
You both have busy schedules that include work, gym etc. Organising a wedding in your spare free hours is almost undoable.
Hiring a professional wedding planner can save you a lot of time and stress. But did you know that
besides time and stress, there’s many other reasons to hire a wedding planner?

Here are 5 reasons why you should get a professional wedding planner on board for your big day:

Photo credits: Noortje Dalhuijsen

#1          Connects you to the best network of suppliers and wedding venues
In life it is often not what you know, but who you know. The same is true when it comes to organising a wedding.
An experienced wedding planner has an extensive network of trustworthy wedding suppliers, venues and professionals who can cater to your style, budget and vision for your big day.
Another advantage is due to their expertise working with suppliers and venues on a regular basis, a professional wedding planner has more room for price negotiations.

Photo credits: Noortje Dalhuijsen

#2          Saves you time
Organising a wedding requires hours and hours of research, making phone calls, answering emails, finalizing bookings etc.
A professional wedding planner not only takes away this workload and stress by organizing on your behalf but knows exactly the steps involved, the people to contact and the highly recommended suppliers and venues to work with.
Instead of stressing about your wedding, you can now look forward to the most amazing day of your life.

Photo credits: Alexandra Vonk

#3          Allows you to enjoy every second of your wedding
During a wedding day there can be some unexpected ‘surprises’ to deal with:
a wedding cake that is delayed or music equipment that isn’t working properly.
A professional wedding planner knows how to handle and stay calm during these stressful situations and get everything back on track.
Apart from suppliers, your wedding planner will also be the point of contact for your guests.
Both during the preparations and the big day itself, your wedding planner can help guests find the right place to be, answer questions and keep track of the time schedule.
Now you and your significant other can fully enjoy every single second of your wedding day.

Photo credits: Alexandra Vonk

#4          Helps to stick to your budget
Going over the original planned budget is a huge problem for most brides and grooms to be.
A professional wedding planner keeps track of your expenses and updates you on a regular basis
so you won’t be facing any unexpected bills.
He/she can help you find the right suppliers that fit your budget and style preference and organise alternative solutions when needed.
Now you can enjoy your wedding without the worry of going over budget.

#5          Takes your wedding to the next level
A professional wedding planner organises weddings and events on a regular basis.
As with many things in life: wisdom comes from experience.
They can take care of all the details, monitor the timing during the day and preparation and oversee all orders be it flowers or cakes and all meetings from dress fittings to venue hire. They know their industry inside and out and can help bring together your dream day.

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