5 romantic wedding venues in the Netherlands that make you melt away!

Romantic wedding venues in Europe are way too often linked to destinations like Paris or the green vineyards of Italy.
But there is more than the raising glasses on Instagram-Italy and even the iconic Eiffel tower in Paris.
Want to get married somewhere different? Consider the Netherlands!
The Netherlands offers a surprisingly wide range of castles and estates that will bring you and your wedding guests an experience of a lifetime.
Here is our favorite pick of romantic wedding venues in the Netherlands that will simply make you melt away!

Photo credits: Dario Endara

#1          Romantic wedding venue in the Netherlands: De Haar Castle
It is hard to find a wedding venue that meets the ideal of a romantic wedding venue as much a De Haar Castle does. Visiting this medieval castle is like a step into a fairy tale. The towers, moats, drawbridges, and phenomenal gardens are the ideal setting for your wedding shoot, ceremony, and party.

#2          Romantic wedding venue in the Netherlands: Finley
Awarded twice with the Top Wedding Venue Award, this stunning white villa on the waterfront is only 30 min drive from the capital Amsterdam. Finley offers both an inside and outside ceremonial spot. So, regardless of what the weather in the Netherlands will bring you, you won't regret this idyllic wedding venue on the waterfront.

Photo credits: Eppel Fotografie

#3  Romantic wedding venue in the Netherlands: Orangerie Elswout
A serene natural oasis in one of the most populated areas of the Netherlands.
This former estate is the perfect fit for couples seeking tranquillity and privacy during the day of their dreams. Orangerie Elswout is known for its eye for detail. Ow, and did we mention the location yet?
Elswout is located between Amsterdam, the international airport Schiphol and the big city Haarlem. An easy mute for guests to enjoy your romantic wedding day in the Netherlands.

#4          Romantic wedding venue in the Netherlands: House the Voorst
House the Voorst offers a unique wedding venue in the Central Netherlands. The venue is surrounded by 70ha of stunning nature reserve, a historic moat and can be entered via an original gilded gate and French bridge.
The former royal estate offers a great variety of ceremonies, dinners, and parties to suit your personal needs and taste.
For guests wishing to spend the night, House the Voorst offers different accommodations ranging from simple, but neat bedrooms with shared bathroom to 5-star luxurious apartments.

#5          Romantic wedding venue in the Netherlands: Parc Broekhuizen
The gardens of the estate Parc Broekhuizen are picked as the top 3 English gardens in the Netherlands. It is, therefore, no surprise we had to include this unique historical estate in our top 5 of most romantic wedding venues in the Netherlands.
The exceptional facilities and breathtaking main building make this wedding venue a great fit for weddings of every nature.

Photo credits: Heuvelrug Foto & DTP Produkties

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