Master of ceremonies: 5 reasons why they’ll make your wedding day!

"A master of ceremonies? Why?" It is often the question we get asked as professional wedding planners.
Trust us! A professional master of ceremonies is key to your unforgettable wedding day.

He/she has the delightful task of making sure everything runs smoothly during the wedding day so the bride, groom and all the guests can enjoy every single minute of it.
The master of ceremonies will help direct all the guests to the right places, guards the schedule of the day, coordinates suppliers and more.
All you and the love of your life, have to worry about is waking up (on time) and saying “yes I do”, 

So what is it exactly that a master of ceremonies can do for you? Let us take you through 5 reasons why they’ll make your wedding day and we’re pretty sure that you’ll get the point.

Photo credits: Noortje Dalhuijsen

#1           A master of ceremonies allows your guests to be guests
A master of ceremonies takes the work and responsibilities out of the party hands of your beloved guests. Instead of having your best friend or favorite aunt taking care of all the questions and dealing with suppliers, the master of ceremonies will take over this burden. Your guests won’t have to worry about anything, they can truly enjoy and be part of every precious moment.

#2          A master of ceremonies allows you to enjoy a stress-free day
With a good master of ceremonies, you can avoid worries and stress during the day of your dreams.
A master of ceremonies coordinates all the vendors so you won’t have to take a call, arrange the wedding cake or worry about what is coming up next in the timeline.
After everything is set and done and everybody is ready to roll into bed, the master of ceremonies will pack all your gifts and do a final check-up.

Photo credits: Alexandra Vonk

#3          A master of ceremonies is a host for your guests
A master of ceremonies is everyone’s go-to person during your wedding day. He/she welcomes the wedding guests upon arrival and takes care of their needs.
Directs them to the right seat, table or next location, assists with pinning the boutonnières and corsages, points out the guest book for everybody to sign and more.

Photo credits: Alexandra Vonk

#4           A master of ceremonies has the expertise to guide
During the day the master of ceremonies takes on the role of general manager to coordinate the entire day.
Any problems that might occur will be fixed to their utmost possibility and where possible, without your knowing.
That way you and your loved one can enjoy a day with as little hick-ups as possible.

#5           A master of ceremonies assists with creating a detailed wedding day book
A detailed wedding day book gives an overview of all the required information, timeline/schedule of the day, a vendor list, a list of contacts and more. A wedding day book tells, what has to happen, when it will happen and how it will be managed. What time is the photographer arriving, where do the bride and groom need to be, who will take care of the wedding cake that arrives around the same time, etc.

Photo credits: Alexandra Vonk

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