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International weddingplanner - Your Weddings & Events
International weddingplanner - Your Weddings & Events

International Wedding Planning

It can be busy to lead an international relationship. It can be even busier if both partners live in different countries. Therefore, organizing an international wedding with different parties from different cultures can be quite overwhelming. We, at Your Wedding & Events are specialized in multi-cultural, international weddings.
We know how to effectively deal with those issues, to guarantee you a wedding day, without complications, according to your vision and style. We can arrange everything from A to Z: arranging the accommodation for your guests, and also being a representing host at their arrival, and taking care of translation and interpretation etc.

When do you need us to plan your international wedding:
-Is your partner from another country and you want to get married in their country?
-Is your partner of foreign origin and you would like to marry in the Netherlands?
-Do you live abroad and do you want to get married in the Netherlands?
-Do you have a lot of international guests on your wedding day and in need of some organisational help?
-Do you want to know how we can help you with your international wedding?

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask about the possibilities.